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Create an aligned business strategy, sales pipeline AND actionable marketing plan (with content) in just one day with a CIM qualified 24 year marketing pro  

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Scores of companies are benefitting from René Power's unique take on marketing led growth. Adopting his #MarketWithIntent planning strategy, clients are adding £10,000s to their bottom line.

Our no-nonsense, customer led marketing view of businesses is changing businesses all over the UK. We're working to help clients ‘meet customers’ needs profitably’ by applying winning strategies to the targetting, acqusition and retention of customers. It's perfect if you want to work smarter and don't have time to spend on marketing every day.

No more wake up and wing it. Market with Intent. 

Why Marketing Plan In A Day with René works? Marketing counsel you can trust. 

You need help with your marketing. But you don't know where to start, how to evaluate the options or you've been burned before.  

You need the latest thinking and the freshest approaches because you need to get in front of hard to reach customers.  

You want to access someone who can take everything that's buzzing around in your brain, helps you to get it down into a plan.  

You want experience forged in local, regional, national and international marketing over two decades, NOT a couple of years and from regurgitating blogs.  

You want someone who is CIM qualified and trusted by major brands, having delivered marketing projects on three continents in the last three years alone.  

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Explore how a Marketing Plan in a Day session with René can work for you.

Understanding customers

All our marketing work starts with understanding customers - who they are, where they are, where they go, who they listen to and their decision making. The first step to being really able to effectively #MarketWithIntent.

Sales pipeline

Drawing on our innovative Vision Stratplanner tool, we create a sales pipeline to give you transparency on how many orders > customers > meetings > quotes > phone calls > warm leads are required to achieve growth. 

Content brainstorming

We'll work with you to outline at least one seminal piece of content that will sit at the heart of your initial Incredible 12 Week Marketing Plan. This will be the main lead generating piece that all roads lead to.

Understanding your business

We find out what works at the moment and what hasn't. We look at the brand, the values, the type of business that has been attracted to date and where you sit in the market. We'll consider your competition too as we look to establish USPs.

SMART objectives

We help you to create SMART objectives at a business, sales, marketing strategy and marketing communications level to ensure everything you do moving forward is linked to your business strategy, 

Marketing communications plan

We’ll show you how to systematically create 'micro' content to feed a blog, PR, email and social media machine designed to draw the right contacts to you and give you opportunities for warm call backs.

Planning for growth

We draw on some well known tools (BCG and Ansoff) to establish where short term and medium growth can come from and begin to prioritise opportunities. We establish a number of growth strategies and maybe create some new product/services to bolster your portfolio.

Marketing plan

We apply the right elements from our Incredible 12 Week Marketing Plan model to help you devise a lead-generating and entirely repeatable quarterly marketing programme. You choose what platforms to include.

Follow up

We'll teach you how to follow up effectively on content so you naturally start more conversations without any selling at all. 

Praise for Marketing Plan In A Day From satisfied customers. 

I recently worked with René on his Marketing Plan in a Day session. I had not really developed much of a marketing plan, but spending this time working with René helped me to really think about who my ideal clients are, and how I might ensure that I am attracting those clients. It helped me to formulate a focussed plan to ensure I know what I need to do, and when I need to do it, and I am already reaping the rewards of a strategic, focussed action plan.

— Ellie Ashton, EA Family Law

I met René at a networking event and took to him immediately. I was able to secure his services to review our strategy and marketing tactics. His input was invaluable to me and I will be please to continue working with him.

— Phil Terrett, Johnny Muttley

I recently attended Rene’s Vision Live Marketing Workshop. Billed as ‘Plan, Create and Share New Content in One Day’ – it certainly lived up to that! 

— Annette Steele, It's a Steele Business Coaching

If you are serious about your marketing strategy then I highly recommend a conversation with Rene, he has vast experience and a fast thinking approach to business. 

— Michelle Dalley, Umami Design for Food

Some small print. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out Marketing Plan In A Day.  

Sessions start at around £1,000 including preparation, the main session and follow up (subject to location and the level of reporting back). Sessions are billed in advance on confirmation of the date and final price.  

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You will also receive regular emails (once weekly) designed to support you and improve your marketing. Your data is safe, not sold or passed to third parties and only used for the purposes of helping you improve your marketing.  

And if you’ve got this far, and we haven’t convinced you a Marketing Plan In A Day is for you, that’s cool. As a token of goodwill, please accept this bitesize planning download in appreciation of your visit. If you change your mind, get in touch to discuss.