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New Sales and Marketing Mastermind

Create a marketing machine that generates sales results for your food business in just twelve weeks

When was the last time you took time – or had the time - to look systematically at the marketing and sales processes you have in your business? 

Creating new food and drink products, branding them, marketing them and selling them is tough. 

You have to convince foodservice operators, retailers and distributors that your products will sell and that you can handle a step-up in supply. 

Are you a food or drink manufacturer fighting to gain or retain your market share? Are you already offering exceptional products with an opted in fanbase and brand profile of their own?  

 Join food industry specialist Michelle Dalley from Umami Design for Food and award-winning manufacturing marketer Rene Power from Vision B2B for a unique twelve-week programme like no other.  

We’ll help you build a systematic approach that you can tailor to your business that helps convince foodservice operators, retail buyers and distributors of your intentions and empowers your Account Managers to take your products confidently to market.  

The Mastermind group will be a safe, confidential space to network and learn with non-competing businesses who face similar challenges to you.  


Food sector professionals responsible for the sales and marketing process and growing their sales  

Independent food company Managing Directors and Sales/Commercial 

Up and coming food brands hitting the next crucial stage of their retail development  


You're in luck! We're letting the first cohort experience our new 12 Week Food Marketing Mastermind for a fraction of the full price.

Normal price: £1997  

Your price: £1297*  

*Limited time offer. Payment plan available. Prices subject to VAT.

Here's what the Mastermind includes...

• 12 weeks instruction from award-winning marketing and sales professionals 

• A purpose-built mastermind community on Slack  

• Weekly video tutorials every Monday  

• Daily tasks leading to quantifiable weekly outputs  

• Weekly accountability and Live Q&A video call through Zoom every Thursday  

• Email and Slack group catch ups on video and Q&A calls  

• All presentation materials  

• Marketing planning downloads 

• Sales planning downloads 

• Optional additional reading and support 

• 1:1 access to Rene and Michelle through the Slack community  

• Open networking in the Slack community (with segment/category exclusivity) 

• Special bonus 'Meet the buyer' session  

• Invitation to our end of mastermind social, likely to be held at an industry food event 

• Life entry to mastermind Alumni Linkedin group on completion.  



Identify and understand your customer like never before

We’ll understand customers, the drivers to decision making, work out how to survey customers on what they like, know, trust and use. We’ll use profiling, identifying and understanding watering holes and pinpoint the right sources of information.  

Outcome: Greater understanding of customers.  

Output: Completed customer profiling methodology template.  


Create a brand and messaging platform that will make marketing and sales easier  

Whether it’s a top down corporate positioning, or fitting your category offer into an existing corporate brand, we’ll create a winning brand blueprint with our pioneering ten step brand pyramid model.  

Outcome: Dedicated brand positioning and messaging for your business/brands. 

Output: Completed brand pyramid template.


Set the right objectives for sales and marketing success  

You’ll build and cascade a set of interlocking SMART Business, Sales, Marketing and Marketing Communications objectives and develop a sales and marketing funnel around the most realistic customer journey/s to conversion.  

Outcome: More specific and realistic business objectives.  

Output: Completed sales and marketing funnel for greater business development clarity. 


Creating marketing communications collateral sales people will use and customers will love 

You’ll be encouraged to evaluate existing assets and repackage and repurpose them. We’ll also look at developing content which works in ‘search’ and mind-map core content. Across the week, we’ll apply this to critical marketing assets including website landing pages, lead magnets, articles and video.  

Outcome: Visibility of available and required marketing materials.  

Output: Completed early marketing plan attuned to customers and their needs.  



Leveraging influence  

We’ll identify and create approaches to building soft connection strategies using Linkedin, Twitter and email outreach, understanding how different platforms can help us reach different people.  

Outcome: Get closer to people in industry we want to influence most.  

Output: Completed soft connection strategy document.  


Creating personal authority in your category  

You have their attention. Now, as the owner, primary marketer or customer facing sales professional, it is on you to create a magnetic profile that helps, informs, guides, entertains and sits as an authority in your space. 

We’ll help you create a personal (and business) social strategy around article writing, video, PR, speaking and more as well as a curation and commenting strategy to really put you at the heart of things.  

Outcome: Create stronger more valuable connections.  

Output: Completed personal content creation and curation strategy.  


Building email lists for sales conversion  

We’ll take you through a number of approaches that will change the way you think about email marketing forever. But not just the strategy, we’ll provide direction on creative, templates, distribution, management and what to do with the data and the lists.  

Outcome: Increase the pool of people you can communicate with.  

Output: Completed email strategies document.  


Using social media to take prospects from aware to fanatical customers 

We’ll help you devise social media strategies for the primary social media platforms Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram. 

You’ll work on creative, messaging, audience targeting and produce mini-campaigns with swipe files ready for embarking on all new social media marketing. We’ll also look at the use of groups, advertising and more.  

Outcome: More intentional use of social media to build awareness and engagement.  

Output: Completed social media planning document. 


Making the most of food industry events 

With guest Industry expert - Claire Brumby, founder of multi-award winning healthier snacking brand Scrubbys 

There are so many opportunities around food industry events and Claire will be lifting the lid on some of her best and most successful tips when it comes to maximising your return from exhibitions, conferences, workshops, open days, media visits, speaking engagements and more.  

As a judge of the Great Taste Awards and Quality Food Awards, Claire has extensive experience of understanding how to position your business for success!

Outcome: Get more from attending food industry events. 

Output: Completed event marketing checklist.  



First transaction to repeat business 

How to achieve real stand out. From marketing to getting that all important first appointment. This session focuses on going the extra mile in marketing in your niche. With a focus on creative, innovative thinking, we’ll be helping you come up with ideas to ensure you stand out in your niche.  

Outcome: Standing out from competition.  

Output: Completed creative promotion checklist.


Converting your sales opportunities face-to-face  

The whole point of all this marketing and promotion is to get the appointment. In week eleven, we’ll take you through some winning strategies for preparing to pitch. 

This will involve some advice on creatively bringing ideas to life, sales negotiation and ultimately securing the deal.  

Outcome: Increased conversions from sales meetings.  

Output: Completed sales meeting checklist. 


Developing sustainable long-term business  

In the final week of our mastermind we’ll help you develop processes for growing customer business for the long term. 

We’ll look at key account management principles to help you ensure you take as much care nurturing customers as you do new business. We’ll also take time for mastermind feedback and next steps.  

Outcome: Retain and grow existing customers.  

Output: Completed key account management document.  


Pay in full and receive a discount, or over three payments. 

Normal price: £1997  

One off payment: £1297 or three payments of £475 (£1,425)  

Prices subject to VAT.


Michelle Dalley  

Michelle Dalley started her career in the food industry back in 1988 as Telesales for Pyke Biggs Fairfax, (now Fairfax Meadow), in Birmingham.  

This is where her passion for the food industry began, as did her long career that grew to working across premium fresh foods including seafood, dairy and then finally the entire Brakes portfolio.  

Primarily working in the pubs and restaurants sector Michelle directly managed accounts such as Mitchells & Butlers, Wagamama, Spirit, Harrods and Selfridges. Michelle is passionate about driving product innovation and menu development, built through strong relationships, brand research and product knowledge.  

With a passion for delivering results for clients, Michelle takes time to understand the objective and then to help create the differentiation and opportunities for brands to grow. Michelle has now been a Director in a design business for eight years and has a dedicated, highly creative design team to deliver client briefs.  

Rene Power

René Power is a twenty-three year b2b marketing veteran, having worked with national and international B2B brands. René started out working 'client-side’ in 1995 managing the marketing for Protector Safety, to become Scott Safety, manufacturing and supplying PPE for use in hazardous working environments. From there he moved across to agency side working with brands such as AstraZeneca, GSK, Roche, BP Castrol, David Brown Gears, Pentair, Sherwin Williams and Tyco. Between 2010 and 2014, René worked with some of the biggest food ingredients companies in the world including ADM, Carbery, National Starch (now Ingredion), Ocean Spray, Synergy and more. In 2015, René set up Vision B2B Marketing and Training Ltd, which sees him work on a retained capacity with a number of manufacturing and professional services clients, designing and delivering marketing programmes, providing training through bodies like The CIM and Association of Public Service Excellence, speaking and running a subscription club for SMEs.


"Michelle speaks and people listen, she has an immense knowledge of the food industry and more importantly the people and the products they produce. On top of this she is able to influence and predict trends which enable her to have the edge when it comes to successfully marketing a brand. Thank you for your some great advice, and what a pleasure it has been to meet you." Tim Fussell, Fussels Fine Foods  

"I have worked with Michelle on various projects over the last 10 years having known her for 20! I view her as my "foodservice guru". As I have swapped companies and categories over the years I have turned to Michelle for a variety of marketing and insight support. Most recently she has been key in a new brand launch offering the support and service we didn't have ourselves. She is an expert who thinks and works outside the box. However as passionate as she is she wholly respects her clients and peers and she listens, appreciating everyone's plan and vision. Michelle has great knowledge of food and beverage, a great sense of humour, personable, bold and above all has a real passion for our very unique industry- foodservice!" Sarah McLelland, Vimto  

"Rene is one of the UK's B2B marketing leading lights. His comprehensive book, 'Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing', finally gives overlooked business-to-business marketers a solid body of work to use as a reference for their own campaigns. In addition, for five years his Marketing Assassin blog has taken the temperature of the profession. A great speaker, Rene is someone you would want in your Rolodex." John James Newton, Aroq Ltd  

"Earlier this year (2017) I was working through the strategic side of a new and quite complicated business model. I met Rene at a networking event and took to him immediately. I was able to secure his services to review our strategy and marketing tactics. His input was invaluable to me and I will be please to continue working with him in 2018." Phil Terrett, creator of online retail and franchise businesses



***Important, please read***  

Enrolment and payment 

There are two ways to enter the Mastermind by online payment. These are either by paying in full on sign-up or by agreeing to pay in three automatic instalments on sign up, week 5 and week 9. We use GoCardless to manage payments. 

The GoCardless joining notes will indicate you are agreeing to a direct debit with Creating Media. This is correct. 

Go Cardless uses the phrase 'direct debit' even if making a single payment but rest assured it is just one payment. You will be charged approximately seven days after sign up. If signing up for the direct debit option, this rises to three. If any of the payments are rejected, you will be asked to pay the remaining amount in full to remain in the Mastermind.

We are also happy to take direct bank transfer on invoice, but you'll need to pay in full before being granted access to the Mastermind.  

Cancellation and refunds  

Once you have agreed to take a place on the Mastermind, you are locking out all other companies from your category segment. And as we are being very transparent with the content, outputs and outcomes for this Mastermind, we believe it will be of immense value to the right businesses. Consequently, we are not offering a money back guarantee.  


Places are transferable to a colleague or partner from the same organisation if you put this writing to the organisers. This will mean the original member is replaced and will no longer have access to the group or material.


Direct any questions about enrolment, payment, cancellation and transfer to or